Not really excited about your new studio apartment?

Moving away from your home country can be as emotionally disturbing as settling into a new place. Currently 85% of the population in Dubai is struggling to settle in a new house or an apartment, while only 15% are native residents. This is the extent to which the demographics in UAE lean involve expatriates.

Seeing a new environment, living in a new neighborhood, treading new routes and meeting new people can be exhausting and challenging. It’s not easy to make a move as big as changing homes but there are some things that can make the transition better.

It’s normal to feel isolated in between walls of an apartment that never before belonged to you. The need to make your studio apartment feel more like home is most relevant in places like the UAE. Expats can decorate their new homes in their unique taste to make it feel more homely and comfortable.

Here are a few suggestions on how to decorate your studio apartment.  

Divide And Conquer

People living in studio apartments often find it hard to manage the one-unit living space. It’s difficult to treat a studio apartment like a home when all you can see is an open space without divisions.

Start by creating sections and zones in the apartment and dedicating them for particular use. For instance, you can separate the bedroom space from the living room using furniture or dividers. You can place tables, couches, the bed, a dresser and bookshelves strategically to demarcate different zones. Another smart way to do this cost-effectively is to use area rugs. Area rugs will not only define boundaries without taking up space but also enhance the aesthetic value of your living space.

Sizing Is Everything

Before going furniture shopping, make note of all the places in the apartment where you need to put furniture. Take measurements of the empty space to give the dealer at the store a better idea of what size you’re looking for. It’s unfortunate to set your eyes on a coffee table that won’t fit in your lounge. Simple and small-sized furniture is commonly perceived to be best for studio apartments since they don’t take up much physical or visual space. While this may be true for most cases, it’s not applicable to every apartment. A place with high ceiling needs to have high-rise furniture which will occupy the space aptly. Make sure the spaces above and below eye level are occupied in a balanced manner and the size of the furniture doesn’t look awkward.

Neutral Or Tinted

Each person has a different choice of colors that they like on walls. Some are more mild-natured and like to keep their walls neutral while others like to jazz it up with a splash of bold tints.

It’s true; neutral-colored walls make the place look more serene and comfy but bold, accented walls also add an element of intrigue. If you have a way with colors, you can even color code your entire apartment, using different colors for each zone. This will not only make the boundaries more definitive but also make the aesthetic of the house more adventurous. A few popular color choices for walls include creamy white, beige, bold red, azure, pastel green or shades of gray.

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