Planning on renting an apartment in the UAE? Before you rush into it and make a wrong decision, here are some things you need to know first:

Your Budget

In order for you to begin house hunting, you need to have a pre-established budget. This will help you narrow down your rental options, and allow you to explore properties that fall within your budget.

It’ll also save you from a lot of embarrassing or disappointing interactions during your apartment search, where you have to tell sellers you can’t afford a property!

It’s extremely important that you not only arrive at a realistic and carefully calculated budget, but also stick to it. You need to make sure that you don’t break the bank before you even start living in your new home.

No one wants to be neck-deep in rent, bills, utilities, and other expenses once they move. What’s more, you need to have a sufficient amount of money left for any emergencies.

You may also need to buy new furniture or appliances once you move. Keep this in mind when determining your budget before you rent an apartment.

It’s okay to be a little flexible with your predetermined amount, but don’t stretch your budget too much.

Location & Neighborhood

Another key consideration for renting an apartment is its location. Ideally, you want to live in an area which has essential stores, shops, and other services nearby. These include grocery and pharmacy stores, eateries, and fuel stations.

Your apartment also shouldn’t be too far away from your workplace or your kids’ schools, to allow for easy commuting. If you travel using public transport, then the distance from your home to the bus/train station is an important factor too.

Remember to find out about the neighborhood’s safety and the community. Is it a quiet area, or a crowded one? Have there been recent cases of criminal activity? Are the residents happy with the neighborhood? These are just a few things to be careful of when finalizing an apartment.

Pet Considerations

Do you have a furry little friend who’ll be living in you? Make sure you’re fully aware of the apartment building’s pet policy before you rent a space!

Not all landlords and building owners encourage pets in the buildings. For those who do, there may be certain restrictions, from the number to the type of pets you’re allowed to bring. Even if you do get the green flag, you need to be mindful of other considerations as well.

For instance, is there enough space in the apartment for your dog to run around? Do you know where you can keep the litter box? You need to have solutions to these problems before you proceed to rent an apartment.

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  1. if youre animals is your priority, your in for a disappointment, because the apartment choices are not many

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